Graphic Design and Marketing
Starting a business is easy; growing one not so much. No matter the service, product or industry, the first challenge is always the same; marketing. Thanks to modern technology, building brand awareness, loyalty and engagement is more efficient and direct than ever. My process is cleary defined.

Whether it be printed collateral, digital advertising or social media campaigning, I approach every tactic from a graphic design standpoint. Why? Because stories are what build audiences, and design is the most resourceful way for them to be shared.

As an experienced graphic designer, I understand the importance of taking great ideas and bringing them to life. I respect design’s ability to inspire and enthrall, enrich and enlighten, and of course, help businesses win. I enjoy every step of the process, and will do everything possible to ensure you do as well.

Learning who your competitors are and what they’re doing is the best way to know their wins, fails and how to do it better.

Create a mood board. Your company is special and establishing your look and feel aims to reflect precisely that. Once the overall brand is developed, remaining consitent will help make your company recognizable.

Determine what type of marketing will work best for YOU. There are countless ways to have your message heard, but attracting the RIGHT audience is key to any successful campaign.

Modern platforms make it simple to keep record of which campaigns are working and which ones could use some work. This is a great way to make sure that every dollar of your marketing budget is put to good use.

Marketing is an ongoing effort. You must always stay on top of current trends, continuously keep up with your efforts and always make sure to keep your branded collateral consistent.


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